0th-10th Dimensions's Main Page

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0th - 10th dimensions's Main Page

The Main Page is the page after the index page (the first page you see). The link to the page is: A picture of the Main Page is below to the right.


Information in the website's Main Page

Talks about dimensions from 0 - 10. Has many different information & pictures to show objects form 0 - 4 dimensions. Doesn't talk about much in 0 - 1 dimensions, talks the most in dimensions 2 - 4, talks less in the 5th - 6th dimensions, & the 7th - 10th dimensions talks a little more than 0 - 1 dimensions but talks much less as 2th - 4th dimensions. Pictures on the website's Main Page are on the website's gallery.


Many animations are on the Main Page, since the creation of the website (April 12th) are: Back to School Animation, Halloween Animation, Christmas Animation.

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