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Calendar of April 12th, day of creation in the 0th - 10th dimensions website.

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About the 0th - 10th Dimensions's Gallery

The 0th - 10th Dimensions Gallery is a gallery of the photos in the Main Page. It also describes a brief explanation about the pictures. Picture of Gallery to the right.


Relation to Main Page

The website's gallery is the same photos in the Main Page. It also has the same animations that the Main Page has, but it ends a lot sooner. Unlike the Main Page, the picture has an brief explanation different from the main page.

Compare Pictures

Pictures are below between the Gallery & the Main Page. The different color text & the background are due to the Christmas Animation playing while screenshot of gallery, but not Main Page. Are on the Right.


External Links

0th - 10th Dimensions's Main Page

0th - 10th DImensions's Gallery